Chicago Series Review


    This is an honest, all out guitar maker's review of Dean's Reissue Chicago Series Guitars. Having carried Dean for 12 years now, and played them for 35, Im a little biased but I know what works and what doesn't work in my experience. What was the '79 Series guitars that I used to carry here in 2004 and on have transformed into the representations of Dean's manufactured guitars of '76-'79

 in my opinion. Even though these are made in Korea, and that is not a bad thing here, they are now using really dense mahogany instead of "Asian mahogany"  ie: basswood. What used to be a 6 lb guitar when I first started carrying them in 2004, has been transformed into an 8lb V necked f'in monster of a guitar. Tonight after doing things I had planned to do today, I decided to pick up this guitar and jam to some You Tube 80's classics. A) I can't believe I remembered all of the riffs and B) this guitar f'in smokes. 

    When I finally looked at my watch, an hour had gone by. I couldn't put it down. The DiMarzio Super Distortions were mated perfectly to the dense mahogany and neck. Long sustaining, vicious, rippin' chords amd smooth fluid but razor sharp solos rang out.

 The neck is a true rendition of the classic V neck. Not too sharp, not too C, it's just right. While the original Deans from that era, varied so much, having been carved by hand, these are dead on perfect. This is an inexpensive guitar, take note to that, BUT it feels and plays like an $800-900 one. The fret work is extremely well done, the wood is great. and most of all, you don't have to fight this guitar to play it. The Dimarzios are real Dimarzio Super Distortionsm not a version of them, slated for an inexpensive guitar. These pickups are the power unit that make sthis guitar what it is, but its the body construction that relays it to your ears and your senses.

    I originally ordered only the Z in cherry sunburst, tomorrow, I am ordering it in Brasilia burst, black and the V' as well, I am sold.

and you will be too. it will be the BEST under $650 guitar you will buy in a long time. 

Eddie Carlino



Dean Chicago Flame Z $649.99. rating *****