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We recently have had the opportunity having acquired a CNC instructor to help with manufacturing classes

of electric guitar technology and the like. The new decade ensues new technology and software that is inherent in what is needed for consistency and accuracy in this world of music instrument building technology.

Step 1.  Cad Drawing and basics

Utilizing CAD as a base for everything in guitar drawing is essential to keeping stages in your drawings. A tree of build stages is necessary and is essential in programming so that changes may be made inside the prpgram. Many other program files can be imported into the system but changes to those files are limited so the need to draw inside this envelope is developed so that maximum use can be realized out of the program. 

Step 2. Developing the 3d


One of the toughest challenges is not the 2d part, getting the shape is the frist thing but getting the 3d part is ket to the learning curve. Every program gets you to the finish line in one way or another but knowing the route is the key element.

Use of Mastercam and or Solidworks is the key to keeping up with the competition and gettig the most advanced tooling technology out of your machine but firstly making what you envision in your mind transferred onto wood. 

Step3. Realizing your Potential 3.


Seeing what youre thinking is final step in the process. Getting the machine to do what you drew. Toolpathing, fixturing and wood preparation techniques are key to ensuring your success everytime. We can show you the most efficient way to get to that goal. Guitar making classes are a way of getting out of the frustration lane and not being afraid to be as smart as the other guy. You can do it, I did, and there is no stop sign here. Currently in talks with a new instructor who is a brainiac in the Mastercam world and the light at the end of the tunnel just got a lot brighter, big announcemnet coming Jan 25th. 


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