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The Custom Guitar order Guideline sheet and Online Social Media Presence/Contact issues

This guideline sheet is a precurser to what the procedure is to order a custom guitar whether it be a Carlino, Dean, BC Rich Custom Shop or Other brand


First Things First...


The first thing to do is to decide what you want, and I mean really decide what you want because after it is ordered there is no changing of specs, adding a diff  bridge or pickup style or worse yet, cancelling the order because you would forfeit the payment. This is a contract between yourself and Carlino Guitars to build a guitar , custom, special order or to your spec, either of the three and ther eis no cancelling once ordered so please think about the order carefully BEFORE paying to have it built. 


Rules for ordering a custom guitar

All Custom orders are paid for in full before we start the process, no exceptions to this due to the enormous expense that it puts on the shop, the workload, and trying to make everyone happy at the same time.

The amount of work that goes into planning the build, the testing and prototyping and fixture work are an enormous task.


Do's and Don'ts...


After ordering, please be patient and allow us to do the job, stress free, and spend the time to make the guitar correctly. Please don't call the third day after you order and change specs, that makes, things difficult and lengthens the process. Also asking for progress pics every other day cannot happen, it delays production and we do not do that. A) fixturing is manufacture specfic and we do not take pics of the procedures. 


Social Media State of Mind Scenarios

What I've experienced in this day and age is that because Social Media is 2020's way of advertising, doing business, and other things, it's also not a way to judge how your project is being taken care of. Just because we post pics on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms, doesnt mean that your project isnt being worked on or is finished either.

We do have many other customers that we do business with and where the Sun may be the center of OUR galaxy, there are many Suns in my store all of them being my customers, and noone is more important than the other. So if you see us posting someone else's project  please don't message or post and say where is mine?? why isnt mine done? Yes this has happened and it'll just get your project refunded, because we don't deal with impatient and pushiness and rushing. I do things at my own pace to do them correctly based on how I work and what I have to deal with in my store. I'm also dealing with workloads with outside situations related to what I'm doing and I cannot control what I don't do myself. We also deal with over 60 Artists many at the same time as well as your projects and most of these are going on at the same time. Social media in this day and age is a weapon to some people, we do  not cater to these people. 


Contacting the Store

Due to the the overwhleming business lately we cannot answer every call to everyone's expected satisfaction. When I just opened my shop, I catered to everyone, I could at that time, the more things that I have been doing, the less time I have to chat. Please when contacting the store realize that I CANNOT SPEND an hour talking on the phone, it puts me behind, I can't get my work done and your project doesn't get finished on time. I also either have someone in front of me and I can't walk away and talk for an hour while I'm already in the middle of a conversation. Most of the times if I don't answer Im dealing with somone, am in the shop, have my hands in the laser machine, or I'm just not available or not in the store. Please refrain from calling 12 times in one day every hour on the hour, your call will not get answered.  The best answer to this is to LEAVE AN EMAIL to  and you will get a response when I can answer. Also, contacting me at 12:30 am and asking where your guitar is on Instagram, Facebook or cell is not a good idea. Some one called today 6 times teh same person asking the same question evrytime like he does every day and this will not get answered, sorry i dont work like that.


Timeliness of your order
After our work is done, the guitar goes to paint, this is the most lengthly of the entire build process, it can range from a few weeks to months based upon the workload of our painters, I now have two on both sides of the country and they are both not quick.  The length of the paint job will increase the build time, so if we estimate that the build is example: (June) and the painter is backed up that means the guitar is not going to be finsihed on time. Reading this message is us saying we are not being held liable for a late delivery due to outside unforseen circumstances, If you can't agree that sometimes things happen in life, then please do not order the guitar. As a note, every manufcaturer has the same problem, trust me I know, I deal with it with a brand I carry and they have the same deal with their painters.  So in closing, build times are apporximate nad not set in stone so if you are not in it for the long haul, please do not order the guitar. 


In Closing...
While the above statement may seem not the way to do things in todays day and age, it's come to this because people do not get that I am a One Man Show. I have to have rules, policies and boundaries because the stress from people is overwhelming when you are a one man show. There are not enough hours in a week to make everyone happy and while I try to, it's not possible based on other people's time lines. I have to work on my own with what I can handle. I'm getting into some pretty technical areas now that need my attention and chatting on the phone about  a pic i just posted on Instagram is not going to happen. I should have the free right to post what ever I want without being tracked and stalked and have to explain what I'm doing. Please start your own company and do your way your way. This is how i now do things and everyone gets their items. I've got great feedback, excellent reviews and I'm a good guy, don't turn me into a bad guy because you can't handle your own impatience. And don't preach what you think I should do when you are the person this entire passage is about. Every store has one person like this and i seem to have the one's every store boots out, well it's 2020 and that is about to change. 
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