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Full Custom Dean USA Guitars 

Here you have the ability to take control of your ideas and build a full out custom Dean USA Guitar. But, with power comes expense and these are pricey... Ever want a quilty Z, a Flamed Floyded V or a an all white ML, this is the place...check out the guitar below I've done over the past few years and let me know if you're interested in getting one built today...Normal build time is 90-120 days worst case scenario, 120-150 so time is needed to create these. Once a USA is decided on and ordered, it is a contract to purchase and once the deposit is made, it is non cancellable, since we would still be liable for purchasing the guitar from Dean. The deposit would be non refundable if you cancel.

For information on a Dean Custom Form, to build your dream guitar, email me at and we can price one out for you.

Dean USA Custom Thorobred Quilt


This Guitar I custom built from a spec sheet that we have where you can custom make a Dean USA from the ground up. Take note, every option you choose is a full custom order and these guitars are pricey. This one has a sapele body and neck, a 5A Quilted Maple Top with exposed natural edge binding and an ebony fingerboard with pearl block inlays. It also has a gold German Original Floyd Rose that isn't even available as a stock item on this model. This is where full customization kicks in. If you want something like this, then a charge for CAD programming will apply because it's not a regular item choice that is on the plate for this particular guitar model. But it can be.... Finally this one was finished in a classic Cherry Sunburst finish with creme binding and headstock binding and gold hardware.

 This particular guitar is available a sof 03/10/2014 and has a list price of $6006 and would sell for $4495.99

Quilted Exotic Z Floyd 


Here is another idea from a few years ago that I had for a custom model where I wanted a ridculously high end quilted maple top and same sapele, mahogany body and neck with an ebony board. This one also had a floyd and had gold hardware with Dean Pickups and cream binding on body neck and head. Mark Tremonti was in love with this one when he was in Florida and saw this and wanted it immediately.

This one listed for $6120.00 and sold for $4799. The top on this alone was a $1000 option and is a 5A top quality presentation grade quilt like the Thorobred above has.


Flashback Customs


Someone likes the Scorpions....we made the Z on the right for him, a long time customer who has an incredible collection and this just added to the mix.

This has a sapele body and neck, an ebony board and spec'd out like a Matthia Jabs Explorer....Killer Guitar, pefectly matched with the Schenker Production Retro Flying V.

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