Furch News May 2021

Exciting news for 2021 and Furch Players

First let's start with the good stuff...


40TH Anniversary Model 

We're getting TWO of them.

In celebration of 40 years of Furch manufacturing guitars there will be 40 special guitars built, 15 of these will be slated for the US, we have 2 of them coming. You can reserve one here 

Furch 40th Anniversary Model


New Models 2021


NEW Red Series Model

The New Red Series now comes with Alpine Spruce Tops normally available only on the Deluxe Series and also with the option for Indian Rosewood Back and Sides .


New Yellow Deluxe Series 

The New Yellow Deluxe Series features the Duo Bevel addition to the line, only available before on the Red Deluxe Models. Grand Auditorium Cutaway Body style ONLY.


New Blue Deluxe Series 

The New Blue Deluxe Series also features the Duo Bevel option on this new model. The bevels will not be made of wood but a new material on these two models. 


NEW Vintage 1 Series

The New Vintage 1 Series will make a 

splash this year as well featuring a spruce top and Mahogany Back and Sides 


New 7 String Models

The New 7 String Furch Model made popular by Furch artist Adrian Bellue, will become a model this year, more to follow on this one 


Price Increase for 2021

With all the new exciting models and features coming to Furch guitars this year there is also a 2021 Price Increase on all models. It will vary between 5-12% and more news on this when it breaks on May 1st.