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Franklin Guitar Straps

​Find a strap to match your guitar here
We carry over 100 different styles of Franklin Guitar Straps in our store an online. Choose from leather, suede, hybrid, embossed, inlaid and more from  a wide selection. All Franklin straps are made right here in the in the USA. There are many different series from economy priced to mid priced to luxury series models. The above menu links house all of the Franklin styles and some of our own custom straps as well.

 The custom Carlino all leather guitar straps are hand made and can be custom ordered as well. 

These are standard models but these can be modified and this is where we excell above all others. You won't be stuck with a strap you can't wear. Click on the link to Carlino Straps and then on collections and you'll see why.

More to come in 2015...

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