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Pickup Installations...

Want to change the pickups on your guitar or bass? This is the place. We Install all types of pickups passive and active. We carry Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio or EMG brands and installations usually take one day. 

Services 1. Basic Pickup Change


We can replace your current stock pickups and install some killer ones for a nominal charge. 
Depending upon the guitar we may have to disassemble it to install them so a set-up may be in order after the install but each situation is different.
The pickups are the most important part of the signal chain so first decide the type of sound you want and then the look. There are many different options for coil colors or covers. This service is priced at $30.00 per pickup
Services 2. EMG  Active Installations
Little bit of a different situation here...This system is a low impedance setup and requires very specific pots, capacitors for tone and a special jack, with a battery clip to supply 9 volt power. All of the potentiometers would have to be replaced with 25K ohm type as well. The ground wire to the bridge would also have to be disconnected to to the fact that these pickups are all shielded and grounded internally. This service is priced at $80.00 to install and EMG wiring solution.
Services 3. Acoustic Preamp Installation


This service also has many options based on what

you want your acoustic to sound like. Given there are so many different pickup types available, pricing this is type specific. Call for details

Install service is priced from $60-$150 depending upon the type of pickup, (DOES NOT INCLUDED COST OF PICKUP)
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