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Carlino Santa Fe Leather Strap. This strap is a new model for us, made from an Aztec inspired southwestern pattern in the center padded section outlined in a Kodiak Oiled Brown Leather faced cartouche. Very expensive fabric, not another like it in the world. Black Select Leather front back and tail pieces and all are stitched with 40lb thread. The underneath center of the strap is a cotton batting 1/8" for padding and the material wraps around this and then is attached to 4oz tan supple suede backing. Adjustment is made for length with the supplied standard 10" tail. Other tail lengths are available in 14" and 17" Fully extended length is 56", can be ordered with a longer tail 12" or 14" as well

Carlino Santa Fe Leather Guitar Strap,Kodiak Brown

SKU: sku_53e5103720923_1407520823
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