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Carlino Custom Stealth Lasered Strap, Limited Edition model, get it with your signature lasered into the End tab. Be a rock star and have your very own signature strap. This strap is just as comfortable and special as our other high end straps we're giving it back to those who helped make our straps popular amongst those who used to buy $8.00 straps but have now woken up and realized that accessorizing that $1000 plus guitar you just bought is the only way to go. Why not support that investment with a strap worthy of what you paid for it. And with a strap that will not only last a lifetime, its made 100% in the USA from top quality select leather and materials, 5 oz select leather is used for the facing, with our proprietary cotton inner section and a 4 oz deer tanned black leather backing with a row of high quality nickel plated studs,. Adjustable to 58" with a new more sleek look and a 20" tail. This strap will not be made again after August 15th. 
There are 10 in the world.

Carlino Stealth Strap Limited Laser Signature

SKU: sku_57a7e85fbeb32_1470621791
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