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The sound of a Norton® is right between FRED® and The Tone Zone®. It’s got some FRED®-like harmonic overtones that can only be described as nasty, with more of the power and mid-range of the heavyweight Tone Zone®. The same patented dual-resonance design used in FRED® and The Tone Zone® delivers a sound that’s hotter and “bigger” than any vintage model, but not as loud as a distortion-class humbucker. Norton® might be our most versatile bridge pickup. Combine it with a wide choice of neck pickups like the Air Classic™, PAF® 36th Anniversary, PAF Pro®, and Air Norton™.

Recommended For
Bridge position in all solid body guitars. Can also be used in neck position with higher output humbuckers.

Tech Talk
Norton® was originally designed to extend the tonal range and power of standard output humbuckers without going over the top. It's more modern than a PAF® sound: the benchmark Gibson® Les Paul®/Marshall combination yields more midrange crunch and high frequency pick harmonics than vintage-style pickups were capable of putting out. Norton® is really good for opening up the sound of mahogany set-neck guitars.

DiMarzio Norton DP160, bridge

SKU: sku_513425280c0a1_1362371880
  • DiMarzio Norton Bridge
    Wiring: 4 Conductor
    Magnet: Alnico 5
    Output mV: 352
    DC Resistance: 12.62 Kohm
    Year of Introduction: 1994
    Patent: 4,501,185
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