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Set-Neck Construction 

25.5” Scale
Mahogany Body
Maple Top
Mahogany Neck
Rosewood Fingerboard
42mm Standard Nut

Thin U Neck Contour
24 XJ Frets
Chrome Hardware
LTD Tuners
Evertune Bridge (F model)
EMG 81 (B) / 60 (N) Active p.u.
Finish: BLK
3-Way Switch
Master Volume
Master Tone
List Price $1499.00

LTD MH1000 Evertune BLK

SKU: sku_51741eed21157_1366564589
  • With certain key exceptions, electric guitar technology has not changed drastically in the last 50-plus years. However, the EverTune Bridge represents a whole new way of approaching the art and science of keeping guitars in tune, at all times, under all conditions.

    EverTune is an all-mechanical system, with springs in the guitar’s body that provide constant tension to the strings. The result: you not only maintain excellent tuning from day to day, but your guitar’s intonation is amazingly accurate at all points up and down the neck. You don’t have to change your playing style or any degree of expression while remaining in pristine pitch at all times.

    With an EverTune-equipped LTD like the EC-1000 EVERTUNE or MH-1000 EVERTUNE, you can be confident that throughout a grueling gig or a long recording session, your guitar will remain in tune regardless of the temperature and other conditions. Huge string bends? No worries; the strings are under constant tension so that no matter what happens, you can always focus on playing, and not worrying about tuning.
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