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Quartz Tones Crystal Individual Plectrum 

Quartz Tones are manufactured to the usual Timber Tones shape albeit with slightly increased radiuses at the tip in order to add strength to the sound. The clean, smooth surface of the edges and the large rounded angles make it a cinch to fast pick and keep a deep, rich tone.

These plectrums are individually polished by hand to the highest standards. They are a work of art, the best nature has to offer shaped with the best technology can give us. A superb gift for any stone collector or guitarist. Or both.


Their rounded edges give Quartz Tones a tame and controlled attack. 'Crystal clear' doesn't only apply to how they look but also to how they sound. Some of the cleanest, clearest tones you've heard without a hint of a squeak when the string is released. Quartz Tones are good at boosting trebles and work wonder to keep your sound clean, even with high gain or effects.
There is little sound difference from one Quartz to another and they all look brilliant in their own way.

Timber Tones Crystal Tones Crystal Quartz

SKU: sku_54b1da143356e_1420941844
  • Timber Tones Crystal Tone Series Rose Quartz, semi precious stone pick, polished hard level
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