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Timber Tones Flexi Tones Grip 

Jumbo Shape
SUITABLE FOR: We recommend Flexi Tones Grip for both Acoustic & Electric Guitars.

TONE: Buffalo Horn has the closest tone to the fabled Tortoise shell picks. Although softer than Bone it is still very hard wearing and has a more rounded mellow tone.

DESIGN DETAILS: Flexi Tones Grip are deigned for those who require some flex form their picks. They are approx 1mm thick and come in the following 4 shapes. Classic, which is based upon the 351 shape, Gypsy, which is an equilateral triangle, Sharp, which has a ‘Jazz’ style tip albeit with a large grip area and Jumbo, which is a scaled up version of the Classic shape. These 4 picks also have a laser etched grip pattern on one side.

CONTENTS: This pack contains 1 Jumbo Style Flexi Tones Grip Guitar Pick.

NOTES: Although we have tried to ensure that our photos represent the Guitar Pick that you will receive, there is a high level of variety in our picks due to the nature of many of our natural materials.

Timber Tones Flexi Tones Grip Jumbo Shape

SKU: sku_55933318836d1_1435710232
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