Timber Tones Jazz Tones Fat Black Buffalo Horn 

SUITABLE FOR: We recommend Jazz Tones Fat for both Electric or Acoustic Guitars where fast precise picking is required.

TONE: Buffalo Horn has the closest tone to the fabled Tortoise shell picks. Although softer than Bone it is still very hard wearing and has a more rounded mellow tone.

DESIGN DETAILS: Jazz Tones Fat are a thicker version of our Jazz Tones Picks. They are nearly twice as thick with a rounded sweeping chamfer and yet still retain their speed and accuracy.

CONTENTS: This pack contains 1 Black Horn Jazz Tones Fat Guitar Pick.

NOTES: Although we have tried to ensure that our photos represent the Guitar Pick that you will receive, there is a high level of variety in our picks due to the nature of many of our natural materials.

Timber Tones Jazz Tones Fat Black Buffalo Horn

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