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Music Lessons

We offer Guitar or Bass Music Instruction at our location offering Berklee College of Music Teachers. Our accredited program can answer all of your questions and get you on the right road to your own Personal music stardom. Due to Covid our lesson rates have gone up due to the times and we are also lengthening each lesson to 45 minutes as well instead of the normal 1/2 hour time slot. The new rates are listed below. As of 8/1/2021 our new lesson rates are $50 for a 45 minute lesson, or $200 per month. 90 minute lessons are $100.0 per lesson or $400.00 per scheduled month of 4 lessons. 


Our Music Program is offered in a block of 4 pre-paid lessons that are scheduled ahead of time a month in advance. This is the only way that we can guarantee that your teacher will be scheduled the day you have set it up for. 

Cost of Lessons
We charge $50.00 per 45 minutes of instruction. This is charged in a block of 4 lessons, pre-scheduled and is very reasonable based upon what you will get in return for the time you spend with one of our teachers. Per month the fee is $200.00

Schedules and Rates

We offer lessons in two time forms:
4-45 minute time blocks @ $200.00 or $50.00/ 45 minute lesson.
4-90 minute time blocks @ $400.00/ month
or $100.00 per 90 minute lesson.

This will be charged when the lessons are scheduled and then if the student decides to renew for the next 4, this is done at the 4th lesson in order to keep your scheduled time for the next four lessons. 

Cancellation Policy

We understand that things happen, and we do give flexibility in rescheduling a lesson if something does occur that prevents you from making your lesson time.
IMPORTANT NOTE :However if you cannot make the lesson and cannot reschedule it the same week, we need to know at least 8 hours in advance or we have to pay the teacher and the lesson is subtracted from the four.  We need to know at least 8 hours in advance if you can't make your scheduled lesson. You can reschedule it during the same week but if you end up canceling that we do have to pay the teacher and the lesson will be forfeited. 
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