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About us   updated 7/12/2001

NOTE: we have just moved to our new location at
135 Mystic Ave Medford to a beautiful
new 2000 sq foot store
Carlino Guitars is a local guitar shop that is just guitars , basses, amps, accessories, repairs and music lessons. A classic Guitar Shop. Not many of those around today. We focus on guitars and doing things to them to make them yours. By that I mean, we focus on the players details that makes that Les Paul or that 335 or that Aria or that Ibanez THEIR own.
     We offer a customizing service that can done on your strap, your picks or your guitar with a laser machine based on CAD drawings.  More on this later...
   For now let's talk about the store. We have Berklee College of Music Teachers and these are the best value for your money. They were taught how to teach and that' s where their instinct kicks in. You'll leave the lesson wow'd, amazed and a few answers to questions you've always had will now be answered.
We also have our own custom guitars that I designed and developed and with more shapes to come, there are alot of big players that now own them and there will be many more....
Stop by the shop and see what we can do for you


Store Purchase/Exchange Policy

Any item in the store that is purchased may be 

exchanged for merchandise credit only within

7 days of the purchase date.

We do not have  a cash or credit refund type

 policy for items purchased, only merchandise credit

is offered so please decide and choose items


Any item that we do not carry normally have to be 

fully prepaid at time of order and are not returnable

for any reason due to the custom order status.


Any shipping damages MUST be reported to us

IMMEDIATELY the minute you open the box so that we can 

report it directly to the shipper for insurance purposes.

We can and will not be responsible for any damage reported

from shipping if it is not reported to us immediately when  the item is being delivered not hours after. Hours after leaves too many

questions and the return will be refused as anything could have happened not in our fault window. 


Covid 19 manufacturing delays are occuring at this time Any items that we custom make for you,

 ie: laser engraving, wood carvings, signage, custom

guitar straps and picks are final sale and are not

returnable due to their custom made nature. This includes guitar straps made with special features, lengths widths or your own design that you submit for us to make. If it is not standard we have to develop a new CAD model and laser guides. We cannot sell something that we do not offer standard. Our stitcher right now is experiencing delays as well and longer

stitching times on custom orders is expected. 

All sales on items like this are final and

regardless of time to manufacture at this time,

once you place the order it is not cancellable.

USA Guitar Orders 

Any Custom guitars ordered: Once a USA is decided on and ordered, it is a contract to purchase and once the payment is made, it is non cancellable, and store crfedit will be issued, since we would still be liable for the cost of the guitar.

The payment would be non-refundable if you cancel.

  Delays happen and sometimes are beyond our control, paint issues are the most common delay.

If you cancel a Dean USA, ESP Custom Shop, Carlino USA, or any other piece not in stock at the time it is a non refundable deposit and can only be issued in store credit only. 


If you apply to purchase with Affirm and get appoved and then you decide not to buy the item or cancel your order for a guitar being built,  

You will pay a 6-9% fee and it will be deducted from what you would have paid. Affirm charges us to do a an approval process and if you decide to not take the item after being approved, cancel the order or return the item or a USA custom which is non returnable anyway, then that amount will be deducted from your refund. Please remember that before ordering. 


Guitar Lesson Policy: all lessons are prepaid for

in blocks of (4) either 1/2 hour or full hour 

and once paid for, can only be refunded

 in merchandise for same value for credit in the store.

If a lesson needs to be cancelled you must do so 8 hours

 in advance of the lesson in order to keep it in state.

Anything less unless previously authorized by speaking 

with someone at the store or email, would be forfeited.


Any items that appear to have functionality issues will have 

to be dealt with manufacture warranty unless it is guitar

repair related and can be handled in store. Any amplifier repairs

have to be handled through warranty sevice only, we do not 

replace or repair amplifiers or effects.

updated Jan 12, 2021

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri 11:00am-9:00pm
Saturday 11am-6:00pm
Sunday 12pm-6pm
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