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Carlino New Model, Apollo, studded leather guitar strap with *Simulated Turquoise centered conchos. Design is segmented and while there are only so many designs you can do before it looks all the same, there's always a change that sets it apart, this is the first of this model so it may or may not be made again, well see. 5 oz Select chap leather, full length anti stretch material, 4 oz deer tanned leather, adjustable 54-58' longer tails available,

IMPORTANT NOTE: some components for this strap may or may not be available at the time of purchase as we get them from over seas, so with the supply chain issues, we reserve the right to substite some pieces to get it as close as possible to the finished product as we can, while we work with our suppliers to get parts during this time .  Thanks for your consideration about this issue 

Carlino Apollo Studded Turquoise* concho Strap

SKU: sku_5e6ee7aa73b69_1584326570
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