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Carlino Custom 1958 Rick Nielsen Signature Korina Explorer Single Humbucker. Only 50 of these will be made. Rick Debuted the first one at the Fenway Park Cheap Trick Show Saturday Night. These are the real deal and weigh between 7.2-7.8 lbs each. Kluson 6 inline Vintage Tuners, Seymour Duncan Shop Floor Custom '59 humbucker with black ring. CTS Volume and Tone Pots with Amber knobs and dial pointers. Very Long Neck Tenon Joint, Large vintage w/b/w pickguard. 
NOTE: ONLY 50 of these will be commissioned, first come first serve, you may request a serial #. Call for availablity before placing your order. 2 preorders are left to order 

Carlino Rick Nielsen 58 Explorer Single Humbucker

SKU: Rick N EX
  • Call us at 617-271-6872 before ordering

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