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Ibanez 2015 Paul Stanley Model PS120 Hotrodded
This is not a factory stock model, we added Ibanez Velvetune Tuners with acrylic Keys, (like the original PS10), an ECK low-fi bootser , which adds 20 db off low frequency gain control to the guitar, This control replaces the rhythm volume, leaving Master Tone, Master Volume and the push/push eck booster. If you're too far away from your pedal board, this comes in use well and adds a gritty 20db boost to your clean sound and big jump in volume as well for solos. On distortion settings, it adds a liquid smooth searing tone. 9 Volt battery powered, last a year under normal use. Schaller Straplocks, complete the package

Ibanez PS120 Hot Rod Version with case

SKU: sku_553427d10ceaf_1429481425
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