Virtual Solo DP402

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Virtual Solo DP420 bridge: Black Coil
  • Virtual Solo™


    We've combined the best qualities of the Virtual Vintage® Solo and Virtual Vintage® Solo Pro™ — high output and a full, warm sound — and pushed these qualities even further. Treble response is smoother, the lows are tighter, and there is more pick attack. Play hard, and the sound jumps out of the amp. Play softer, and the sound becomes cleaner and quieter. Naturally, there's no hum.

    Recommended For
    Bridge position

    Tech Talk
    The Virtual Vintage® Solo and Virtual Vintage® Solo Pro™ both have specific qualities we like a lot, but we felt the sound could be even bigger. Making the highs both fatter and louder without any loss of definition on the lows creates a bridge pickup that can sound both warm and intense, and the Virtual Solo™ performs equally well with clean and heavily overdriven amps.
    Tech Specs:
    Wiring: 4 Conductor
    Magnet: Alnico 5
    Output mV: 205
    DC Resistance: 11.17 Kohm
    Year of Introduction: 2008