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Custom Laser Engraving Services

We've got a high end large capacity laser machine onsite and can pretty much laser engrave a guitar body on there. Choose a font, a picture or a logo and we can get it done. While this is a guitar store we've been doing a little bit of everything from bar taps, to jewelry boxes, to store signs and even entire wall murals that can also be guitar related. Envision a modular wooden wall that is 9x12 feet made up of 20-2x3 foot panels that you can hang on the wall seamlessly like a picture frame. Each piece contains part of your mural and when put together, creates your mural, and if you move...your mural goes with you, email for more on any of those three links to view samples, we own all three of those sub companies. This 2014 Holiday Season, we expect to surpass the level of quality and quantity of laser engraved guitar straps and picks than we did last year so please order early to ensure that you receive your items on time, thank you

Laser Engraved Guitar Straps

With out laser engraving guitar strap service you can get in reality what you've been envisioning in your head. From special fonts to logos

to scenes lasered onto leather. Gone is the plain strap with no life to it.

We start with an idea, transfer that to a Cad program in a 2d drawing and then tweak it until you see what you want. Then test it in a wood template , send out a photo for you approval and then we do it on the strap.

                           Total time, one day, start to finish...

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Laser Engraved Pickguards

Add a special look to your Jazz box or a more classy looking Strat Pickguard. These have to be exacting specifications due to it being next to parts on the guitar. IE: pickup placement, knob holes, input jack , screw holes. 

 These can be oiled or clear coated and care has to be taken with these due to the area where you pick...

Laser Engraved Guitar

Now here's where a statement can be made with a small piece of wood.

Be the talk of the gig when you hand one of these out to the crowd, or for a gift at the holidays. Same process as the laser strap but with some constraints. You've got three lines to work with on each side but these 

come out stellar and everyone has been awed by the detail on such a small foot print. We can make these from all diiferent kinds of exotic woods as well.  

Laser Engrave Anything...

This category includes truss rod covers, neck plates, case plates, even lasering logos onto headstocks. This is more involved than picks or straps but still a nice addition to your guitar and getting it more personalized.



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