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Electrical Repairs, etc...

We also some wiring repairs here at the shop, and can handle most problems, if it's something a little more difficult, I've got a network of electronic wiz guys available a text message away if it's something demanding. Check the Repair Price list under the more tab for a ball park figure for a repair cost but we also would have to see it first to give a more accurate estimate.

Basic Electrical Issues

Every time you play your electric guitar, you put wear and tear on that parts that get constantly used. Like tires on a car these are the expendables. Using quality parts is the key to not having issues. we use Switchraft parts excuslively

on parts like this.

Preferred Brand: Switchcraft

Turning Up the Volume.​

When it comes to your volume and tone controls

the same here applies that 

is in the paragraph to the left. Smooth tapered volume swells and even tone increases are what we all look for and that depends on if you choose linear or audio taper pots...

Preferred Brand:CTS Linear the best!

The most important Link

This is where it all starts

a crappy jack, is still a crappy jack at the end of the day. Switch craft makes the most solid connection and that's what we also prefer for the input connection. These are available in all types as well. Shown is a two lug standard Mono jack. 

Preferred Brand: Switchcraft

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