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Guitars And Basses

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Carlino Guitars is a local guitar shop that is just guitars , basses, amps, accessories, repairs and music lessons. A classic Guitar Shop. Not many of those around today. We focus on guitars and doing things to them to make them yours. By that I mean, we focus on the players details that makes that Les Paul or that 335 or that Aria or that Ibanez THEIR own.
     We offer a customizing service that can done on your strap, your picks or your guitar with a laser machine based on CAD drawings.  More on this later...
   For now let's talk about the store. We have Berklee College of Music Teachers and these are the best value for your money. They were taught how to teach and that' s where their instinct kicks in. You'll leave the lesson wow'd, amazed and a few answers to questions you've always had will now be answered.
We also have out own custom guitars that I designed and developed and with more shapes to come, there are alot of big players that now own them and there will be many more.... Stop by the shop and see what we can do for you

Eddie Carlino

Carlino Guitars

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