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Guitar Setups...SAME WEEK TURN AROUND visit our other site as well


A guitar set is what it is to different people. Some people like the strings low, some high, Some like standard tuning some, want C# with 12's on their guitar. To each his own, BUT you can't set up the guitar properly unless you have all of the right information before you do the setup. The only way to do that is to ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. When I do a setup for someone, I ask firstly the type if guitar it is, how long it has been since it was last adjusted and cleaned and what tuning and string guage and choice of strings they would like. I then tell them the procedure of what I'll be doing which is a full cleaning and fret polish, conditioning of the fingerboard. However most setups are completed in the same week you drop it off mostly within threee days now. If we need parts that are specific to your guitar that could be the only thing holding up the completion. We have had to extend the time to do repairs becasue of the overwhelming amoutn of work coming in. Average turn around time is now usually 3 days, but when bringing your guitar in it may be more or less depending upon teh current workload. 

String Change

If you just need a string change, it really depends on the style of the guitar. If it's a floyd rose equipped instrument, there's no such thing as just a string change. Regular tuneomatic styles or acoustics, it's a go...
You don't get all of the features of the full setup but you get it done and it's sounding better but NONE of the technical adjustments  are done , ie: bridge saddle adjustment, truss rod adjustment or fret polishing or 
the basic string change is $25.00 + string cost

Acoustic Set-ups

Acoustic here is where time and attention can make a great playing guitar. Depending upon the time of year, you first decide which bridge saddle to use, the summer or the winter version. If it's a high end guitar they usually supply you with both and then you can vary the truss rod to accommodate the new overall string height across the board. I'd still recommend doing the full set up here because polishing the frets and conditioning the fingerboard makes the guitar feel brand new.... $105.00 + string cost

Electric Tunematic style

With this type of guitar a setup goes a long way. You can change tuning without affecting the tuning stability of the entire guitar. I'd still recommend the full setup because if you're going to change strings at the beginning of a season, it's a great time to do everything because it will last and play great for months and look even better. $105.00 + strings, bass setups as well, $105.00 plus string cost

The Floyd Rose Setup

Here's where you have no choice. It's an area where you're married to your guitar. If you don't watch it and keep it balanced it reacts to how you ignore it. When it's stable and in sync, it's the most amazing technology ever. If you don't you end up hating floyds. There's no easy string change here, it's a methodology approach and it all has to be done with patience and expertise. It's a balancing act between string pressure and spring pressure.  $120.00 + string cost
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