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Rick Nielsen/Cheap Trick

Guitars and Straps 

Rick Nielsen has been a friend and a supporter of mine for the past 10 years and the first major artist to put me on the map. Rick was the one who put me on the Tonight Show, American Pickers, and set me up to create some soon to be available guitars, for some of his most famous Guitar hero/icons themselves as well as the guitar playing public. This shot was taken on 8/11/18 at Fenway Park in front of thousands of fans and shows Rick debuting my single humbucker Korina relic model. Saying he loved it couldn't be enough to describe the thrill of him using this very new, untested model live in front of all those people. Rick usually uses a guitar for one song and then immediately switches to another guitar. That's been his MO for 40 years. This day he used it right through to the second song and that says alot. Kudos to this Icon and friend. Rick Nielsen. 

Mark Slaughter/ Slaughter
Congratulations to Mark Slaughter of the legendary rock band
Slaughter. Originally fronting Xcursion, Mark left to explore new options and became lead singer of the Vinnie Vincent Invasion and with his vocals, led the band. Mark then left on his own to start the widely popular band Slaughter, aptly named after himself, spawning 4 Top 30 hits and an American Music Award to boot, with his original band mate Dana Strum.  He then added guitarist Tim Kelly who sadly passed away in an accident, and for past 20 years with Jeff Blando another Carlino Guitar and strap artist. Mark has been an amazing supporter and has added 8 models to his growing arsenal, two Impulses, an Icarus and an Illuminati, An Identity, A Rick Nielsen Korina, and 2 Immortals...Aside from being a very good honest and true friend Mark is as capable guitarist as any and lays down blistering riffs that would shake up anyone's repertoire.
Check out Slaughter on the road soon, start mid May 2021.
 or visit their site at

Artist List

Rick Nielsen cheap trick

Mark Slaughter 

Evan Stanley 

Paul Stanley KISS

Tommy Thayer Kiss

Gene Simmons Kiss

Matt Montgomery rob zombie

Rebecca Sevrin/Frightwig 

Fran Stueber KISS 

John 5 rob zombie in

joe stump /alcatrazz. 

Mike Robins 

Orianthi .

Ava Petrillo 


Neal Schon (new)

Clio Cadence

Dolly Parton 

Joe Perry

Britt Lightning/Vixen 

Jeff Gilbert 

Joe Feloni 

Gino Caira

Lenny Kravitz 

Slash GNR

Wolf Hoffman accept

Ryan Cook Gene Simmons ace frehley

Phil Shouse Gene Simmons ace frehley

Jeremy Asbrock Gene Simmons ace frehley

Larry Mitchell

Doug Rappaport 

Joe Bonamassa 

Pat Badger. Extreme 

Marco Mendoza. Dead daisies 

Alee Adamoski 

Lauren Adamoski 

Mike Lefton 

Sergio Ortega 

Jimmy Meier 

Dana Strum

Jeff Blando

Will Hunt /evanescence 


Matt Nelson 

Gunner Nelson

Michael Wilton queensryche 

Eddie Jackson queensryche

Todd LaTorre queensryche

Parker queensrych

Billy gibbons  ZZ Top 

Todd Kerns

Johnny Depp

Jeff Beck (new)

Paul McCartney (new)

Ritchie Blackmore (new)

Brian Ray (new)

Rachel Bolan skid row (new)

Rudy Sarzo ozzy (new)

Sammy Hagar (new)

Some Cool KISS Press...

Paul Stanley Costume Pieces by Carlino Guitars


So...for the Final Kiss tour I was asked to design Paul's new stage belt which turned also into remnants being used on his boots as well. The design first started out as a strap deisgn I made a couple of years ago that Paul levitated towards. 


 The belt made from studs, the finest leather and Swarovski rhinestones adorn every inch of this fantastic stage belt. 

Having being asked to do this now brings it into the realm of being part of KISSTORY

Since I already make his straps and Rhinestone his guitars, it was a natural addition. 

Some Cool Press...

Carlino Guitar Picks and Straps


Lately doing tons of laser work. Alot of custom guitar picks as well. Local Music Gear

web site just reviewed out picks and gave a stellar review on the product. We sent them

24 picks of 6 different kinds of woods and the writer loved them all. See the review at

We also sent Justin Timberlake some custom straps and picks this month and he was seen

rocking them at the Grammy's Pre party and on Good Morning America in prepration for his

big summer tour.

Also made him 7 more straps that he wore at the local Fenway Park Shows with JZ on the Legends of Summer Tour 2013, where he sported Boston JT Strong straps during his guitar playing songs..


Just added this week, Jon Levin from the band Dokken, Nuno Bettencourt and Pat Badger from the Boston Band Extreme all using our custom leather guitar straps.

Leo Duke
Frontman/Guitarist of Crimson Wing of NH\
Leo just became a Carlino Guitars Artist and currently slings two of our Axes, The Identity Floyd  and The newly acquired Roswell Silver Icarus Model.
Leo Attended the Umass Lowell Music and Theater school and is an accomplished actor. musician.
Check out his band which will currently be on tour playing local dates right now
 check out Crimson Wing on Instagram and Facebook

Carlino Guitar Picks and Straps


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