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Timber Tones Guitar Picks

We've got some NEW TIMBER TONES MODELS coming this week, it's like a sequel with 8 or ten new exotic wood models to the line, some woods are leaving the line due to supplier constraints and teh new additons are exciting with great new grain patterns.  

We've been carrying Timber Tones Guitar Picks for the past 18 months. In that time, we've acquired the entire line and have sold thousands of them. These are the hottest item on the market today and the line keeps growing and growing.

From the classic wooden style to the very new Crystal Tones, there is a pick for everyone here. They make your instrument sound completely different with each pick you try. There are 18 different wooden picks in the classic line to start with and they all sound different. They're graded in groups of 3, hard, medium and soft. And each of those 6 picks in those 3 groups all sound progressively different.

There are also different pick shapes and styles. We go from classic 351 shape, to jazz, to a more rounded jazz pick, to a bloated jazz style to a 3 sided sharp pointed center punched holed TRI-Tones Pick, lol.

Scan through the groups and find one you'll like, it won't be your last. There is also a leather Wallet that holds 18 picks to keep them safe. This can also be personalize and lasered with name or initials if you like.

Start Pickin'

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