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Repair Services

Get your guitar in tune

Mission Statement

The goal here is to get your guitar back so you can play it, not let it sit somewhere for a month until the guy can get to it. Normally, repairs are done in one day given the fact that we dont have to order any parts that we don't stock for your guitar. Drop it off between 12 and 9 and get it back the next night before 9pm. The basic service we provide are setups and this encompasses a large part of the repair business. It takes btween 1-2 hours to complete a setup and when you get your instrument back it will play better, feel cleaner and look incredible*.

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FOOTNOTE * "incredible" is based on what your guitar looks like when it is brought in. Any dings, scratches and chips won't be able to be fixed but the overall look of the guitar will be markedly better.

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