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Design A Custom Strap


Here you can see what you can come up with to design your own guitar strap. We offer plain leather, multiple colors, Lasered flames, lightening bolts, names, sayings, logos and studs. While designing a strap and having us create it for you is different than just buying one off the rack, you would get something made for you. 

Job 1. Think about a layout


This is step one. This is where everything starts. Decide if you want plain leather strap, a multi color one, a laser cut inlaid design one or  a studded version. We can make it vary in length or have it a fixed length with no adjustable tail. If you want something like that we'd need measurements from strap button to strap button. If you'd like one with an adjustable feature, a variety of tail lengths are an option here.

Leather choice is the key here, from plain to naked, to an oiled look, to finished, to patterned, to crocodile emblazoned and more...


Job 2. Design Your Strap


    Now you can choose the leather type, style and color. You can either get a solid one color design which in monochromatic look is very striking, or vary some colors for the front and back ends of the strap. Then decide if you would like a name or a logo, or even our flames or lightening bolt laser designs. We would still need length dimensions but you're almost there . Then you can choose your tail design, maybe design  a hybrid strap like the one on top in the picture on the left, with a regular front end and the tail end of our Gladiator strap. Middle strap is our regular adjustable end, and bottom is our full Gladiator strap look.


Job 3. The Finishing Touches


Now, the small things are worked out...

        the color of thread for the stitching, whether or not, you intend to use strap locks on the guitar we would need to know so the end holes can facilitate the locks. The tail length is important so that you can use the strap on various guitars. Even laser your signature on the end tabs and add specialities like lasering the end holes to accomodate a Schaller Stralok or a Dunlop. (this would have to be known at time of order)

Lasering a name or initials is where we excell in every spot. From just a name or logo to full out, laser cut flames, lightening bolts and more...



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