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DiMarzio Area T 615 DP424

Tele® bridge pickups made for modern country music need to produce both serious twang and solid rock. As the sound of country guitar has gotten heavier, it’s also good to include hum-cancellation and turn up the dynamics. Enter the Area T™ 615.

Recommended For
Bridge position

Tech Talk
Besides the classic Tele® tone, the most obvious quality of the Area T™ 615 is its extended dynamic range. This model responds instantly to changes in pick attack, in terms of both volume and tone. It doesn’t lose bass response when the strings are picked hard, and it has excellent definition with clean and overdriven sounds.

DiMarzio Area T 615 DP424

SKU: sku_513693c040f93_1362531264
  • Specs
    Wiring: 4 Conductor
    Magnet: Alnico 2
    Output mV: 200
    DC Resistance: 7.93 Kohm
    Year of Introduction: 2012
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