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Dominion™ Neck 


The best way to know how well a pickup will perform is to play it in the real world. That’s exactly what Mark Morton did. He toured and recorded in Lamb of God with Dominion™ pickups in his main guitars for over two years. Mark’s confident they do exactly what he wants, and what he wants are pickups that work hard and sound great.

Dominion is a trademark.of Jackson/Charvel Manufacturing, Inc., and is used herein with express written permission. All rights reserved. DiMarzio, Inc. is not affiliated with JCMI.

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Neck position

Tech Talk
Mark’s primary requirements for the neck pickup are that it coordinate with the bridge position and produce a well-balanced, clean sound. The Dominion™ Neck model is a little hotter than a typical vintage humbucker, and it has more edge and speed, to keep up with the Dominion™ Bridge model. Mark favors a thick amp sound, so the Dominion™ Neck model has a good amount of presence for definition and focus.

DiMarzio Dominion DP-244 neck

SKU: sku_513544c90885a_1362445513
  • DiMarzio Dominion DP245
    Wiring: 4 conductor
    Magnet: Ceramic
    Output mV: 360
    DC Resistance: 14.50K ohms
    Year of Introduction: 2012
    Patent: 5,908,998
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