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White Buffalo Bone 

Groove Tones Mini, as their big brothers the Groove Tones, are designed to give the user the most comfortable and steady grip possible. Their ergonomic shape featuring the signature groove and dimple couple has been engineered to make the better of the natural grip of materials, while remaining elegant and simple. They are polished by hand, preventing any rough edge.

The strength of the Mini resides in two points. First, their size: 3mm shorter in both length and width, they can fit the smaller hands and are more fit to rapid, close to the strings playstyles. The Minis also have a more pronounced curved tip. This grants them both the gift of precision and a very clean cut sound, due to the very short yet intense contact with the strings.


Buffalo Horn is the middle ground between hard wearing woods like Ebony, and Buffalo Bone. It is overall a bright material and the Mini Groove Tones tip gives it a clear cut picking sound. Horn is fairly neutral on tone, having a good balance between high and low frequencies restitution.
It should also be noted that Black Horn is very hard wearing and flows well on strings.

Timber Tones Groove Tones Mini White Buffalo Bone

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