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Timber Tones Moon Tones 

Moon Tones Black Buffalo Horn Plectrum

Moon Tones are the smaller brother of the Star Tones, same shape but quite a bit smaller.

29.5mm * 29.5mm * 4mm

Moon Tones are designed to present a Jazz Style Tip, small, sharp and accurate.
The centrally positioned 7mm hole and rounded 14mm chamfer give an accurate, repeatable grip position. Moon Tones are the ideal plectrum for those wanting a Jazz pick but with loads of grip.

3 tips give options with regards to shape, if you let the 3 tips ware down at different levels it can give you 3 tonal variations on the same plectrum.

Buffalo Horn is a hard wearing material that still somehow manages to create a wealth of warm as well as bright tones.

Timber Tones Moon Tones Black Buffal Horn Plectrum

SKU: sku_54b177c3ea0cc_1420916675
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