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Vintage 54 Pro DP408

SKU: sku_5135945819ee5_1362465880
  • Virtual Vintage® 54 Pro
    The Virtual Vintage® 54 Pro uses the same ground breaking technology as our Area 58™ and Area 61™ pickups. The Virtual Vintage® 54 Pro replaces the Virtual Vintage® 54 and VirtuAL 2® middle pickups. It has a warm, smoky sound, fattens up when you pick hard, and has a special grade of Alnico 2 magnet to reduce string pull. Like all of the Virtual Vintage® models, it’s dead quiet.

    Recommended For
    All positions

    Tech Talk
    The major difference between the Virtual Vintage® 54 Pro and the Area 61™ is in pick attack. The Virtual Vintage® 54 Pro has a fatter, “woody” tone, and the sound almost seems to compress when picked hard. Blues players favor this type of sound for the way it fattens up solos, particularly in the bridge position. It’s also good in the neck and middle positions to warm up bright-sounding guitars.
    Tech Specs:
    Wiring: 4 Conductor
    Magnet: Alnico 2
    Output mV: 140
    DC Resistance: 7.75 Kohm
    Year of Introduction: 2006
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